Ok, I may be accused of being “one of those grandpas” but I just can’t resist this little guy shown below! I think he may be the cutest kid on the planet… and I am sure I am not biased. Check it and see if I am right.

I think what I love about this picture of “our Skyler” at 5 weeks old. I just love this smile of his. I guess I didn’t expect these kinds of expressions at this early of age. It reminds me of what I see in kids. There is this sense of joy for living.

I just finished watching a show where five kids from the same family were competing in a “Minute to Win It.” They did incredibly well in some of the toughest games I have ever seen.

They also finished a game that had never been successfully completed by any other competitors. They won $500,000! And this accomplished by some young people ranging in age from 10 to 19! I was really impressed.

The thing I thought as I watched these Fantastic Five is the same thing I think of when I look at my grandson. They had no fear. They seemed to simply enjoy life and went after these crazy games like they were nothing.

Somewhere along life’s journey, we learn to be afraid of taking risks and we fail to really live. I understand how easy it is to be sucked under the waves. But, God never intended for life to be feared. We are supposed to laugh in the face of challenges.

When I start to get afraid, I will look at this picture (and more pix to come) of this handsome little dude. Hopefully, I will remember to smile!

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