The Big “F” Series

At some point in life we have all had to deal with The Big “F”. Thats right, Failure.
Join us as we discover Gods plan to help us move forward in the face of Failure.

Series Week 1: Failure to Get Back Up -Jim Davey

Series Week 2: Failure at Relationships -Jen Hunt

Series Week 3: Failure to Get Over It -Jim Davey

Series Week 4: Failure to Have A Plan -Ryan Hunt

Series Week 5: Failure at Being Me -Jim Davey

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  1. Karen Bass

    Thank you Pastor Jim for this series on failure, I found it to be very helpful. I have been struggling with heartbreak from my recent divorce and the constant attacks from creditors for debt he is not
    paying. This past Sunday I changed my name to Gods Chosen Kid that is who I am.
    God bless you and Mary

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