The Processional

A couple of days ago, I facilitated a funeral. It was actually pretty easy since the lady was such a fantastic person. I loved hearing the stories of her life and the way she embraced life, the way she gave herself away to others!

After the funeral, we had a dinner and then it was time to head over to the cemetery for the graveside ceremony. The ride took us from central Phoenix to the southeast part of Scottsdale. It took us about 40 minutes to make the drive.

Along the way, I was impressed by several things. First of all, the view of the mountains around us was incredible. I never grow tired of checking out God’s incredible art work. I am really crazy about this southwest flora and fauna everywhere I look.

The second thing that impressed me were the numbers of people who stopped their vehicles while our caravan passed by. There are still people who show incredible respect for those who are grieving. Pretty cool to still see that in a city of over 4 million.

The third thing that impressed me was the way we made it through the intersections. There were three motorcycle policemen who traveled into the intersections ahead of us and blocked traffic until we passed safely through it.

They allowed us to keep moving. I really loved the imagery. They were helping our procession make it safely from where we began to our ending point.

In reality, they had to venture out into traffic to ensure we didn’t have to stop. They were continually gesturing to cross traffic to stop while motioning to us to continue.

We need people who will stand up for us, who will help us move forward in our lives. We have a long journey ahead of us. We have to pass through a bunch of “traffic” that will make it more difficult to move forward.

Actually, we need to take turns helping each other move through life’s challenges. We all need persons who will stand in the gap for us. And we need to stand in the gap for them. The procession of life from beginning to end requires all of us taking our turn!

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  1. Diana DeHaven

    You look so much like your mother, but you speak so much like your father.

    Look forward to being in church when we visit Phoenix soon.

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