When is a special not special?

I went by the restaurant the other day and ordered “the special.” It happened to be something a little spicier than I usually would order. But, I saved a few bucks and I figured I could handle it.

Everything seemed fine until later that evening or actually until the next morning about 2 a.m. That is when I realized that I may have made a mistake. My stomach decided to weigh in on my choices.

We get caught all the time by “specials.” We head into the store and they are offering a sale on anchovies and we buy them even though we hate anchovies. Or, they are offering extra absorbing diapers and we buy them even though we don’t even have a baby.

Advertisers know we go for the bargain even if it only appears to be a good deal. We get excited paying less money for something regardless if we really need the item or not.

It doesn’t just happen with purchases but also with our lives. We sometimes get “wowed” by the promise of glory when in reality it often disappoints. Read the fine print. The reality is that some things that appear too good to be true are too good to be true.

Something that is really special doesn’t have to prove it. It just is. Things like long hikes on a mountain top, holding your grandchild, kissing the love of your life, and being connected with the God of the universe. Those are special without trying.

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  1. Sandy

    “Something that is really special doesn’t have to prove it. It just is.”

    So true, thank you for that! Have a great day, Sandy

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