I dare you!

I remember when I was young the crazy things we used to do. As kids you think you are virtually invincible. It felt like we knew no fear. Of course, we did but it felt like we didn’t since we refused to let fear inhibit us.

In fact, it only took three words for us to jump into a crazy adventure: “I dare you!” That was like igniting a fuse that would burn like crazy till we did something about it. It would burn even brighter if the words, “I double dog dare you” showed up.

That would lead to nutty things like zip lines from the tallest tree to the ground with the “test monkey” often being me. Then there was the whole sledding down the hill forgetting totally about the ditch at the bottom.

And of course, there were those countless times building bicycle ramps and perfecting those amazing jumps. Of course, jumping was the easy part. It was the landings that could kill you.

Later in life the “dares” got larger. Calling that certain girl on the phone asking her out on a date. It often took multiple attempts dialing four numbers… and hanging up and calling five numbers… and hanging up and so on. Until, I finally got the courage to complete all seven number and hoping she didn’t stomp on my heart with her answer.

And the dares only got bigger the older I got. As I guy, I would often get caught up in trying to prove my worth by performing bigger tasks all the time.

But, then I began to realize that there was a whole lot more at stake in my life than simple dares. There was something more daring than any of these. There is the challenge of being a real man: looking out for the people I care for, standing up for the underdog, being a person of integrity and serving a big God!

Don’t settle for pseudo adventures! Don’t only accept lame dares. Go for something bigger than you are!

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