I am constantly amazed by this incredible planet we live on! I was thinking about this fact this morning as I was getting ready for our worship service. I realized the beauty I have seen in my life only includes a fraction of the world God created. He has some kind of imagination!

For instance, I love Michigan summers when the evening is crisp and the sun can stay up till 10:30 p.m. Hanging out among the huge Oak trees, feeling the cool breezes is pretty awesome.

There is something about San Diego and its wonderful moderate temperatures all year long. Heading out to the beach and watching the waves crash against the ocean as the sun sets is such an incredible experience.

Then, there is the old beauty of places like England and places like the Cotswolds with its quaint villages and its endless hedges. Then, there are the ancient castles and the crazy beautiful cathedrals.

There are the Rocky Mountains of Colorado or the mountains around Lake Tahoo with breath taking views and wonderful snow capped vistas. There is the wonderful coastline north of San Francisco with the tremendous vineyards.

There is the white sand of the beaches of Siesta Keys, Florida or the Bahamas. There is the tremendous ocean views of both the Atlantic and the Pacific. There is the green vegetation in Portland, Oregon. There are the mountains overlooking the blue Mediterranean of Beirut, Lebanon.

There is the rolling hills of South Africa with its rich earth and some of the most exotic animals ever found like rhinos, lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, kudu, ostrich, giraffe, and so much more.

And amazing to this guy from the mid-west, I have discovered the beauty of the dessert with the majestic cactus and the large hills and the amazing sunsets and of course the big hole we call the “Canyon.”

I could go on an on with the beauty I have seen. And yet, there are still so many unexplored places that are on my bucket list. Places like Ireland, Hawaii, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Montana and Wyoming, and more await me.

I was reminded of the incredible God we have who would make the variety on our planet, let alone all the rest of the incredible universe! Wow, God, you do indeed have a great imagination!

And yet, the most amazing thing still are the people. So many different people with so many different personalities with so many different heritages! Yeah, this planet is beautiful! But, the people He has made are his greatest treasure and His most beautiful creation.

God has some crazy imagination. Thanks God for making such an incredible planet but thanks most of all for all the incredible people you have made!

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