Light of day

One of my favorite times of the day is when I first wake up in the morning. There is this wonderful feeling of expectation. I love to lay there just enjoying the last few moments in bed wishing sleep lasted a bit longer.

Then, I look out through the window that overlooks the mountain behind our house. This is the first part of my preparation for the day. There is all these possibilities as the day begins. Anything can happen!

There is something pretty exciting about those first few moments. The darkness is ending, the night is finishing up, and it is all being replaced by the light. It is a beautiful part of the day.

As the day begins, I can jump into the newness all around me or I can stay stuck in the oldness of yesterday. Will I stay in bed and ignore the realness of day or will I jump up?

Some prefer to let the day slowly sneak up on them. They can’t really get going until they have their coffee. Others jump into the day. They wake up and grab the day with gusto.

I am typically the type that jumps out of bed quickly. In fact, I usually know how I am feeling based on how I get up, either slowly or quickly. Am I ready to go for the new opportunities that are waiting for me, that God is preparing for me?

So, how are you going to wake up tomorrow? Jump up and experience the world. It is pretty cool!

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