The circle of life

Have you ever wondered where a circle begins and ends? It is kind of a weird question I know. Humor me a bit. A circle is so different than a straight line. It is easy to determine starting points and ending points with straight lines. But circles are entirely different animals.

Life is more like a circle than a straight line. In reality, it is often difficult to know if something is ending or beginning. Most of the time in fact, it is both. What might appear like an ending is actually also a beginning.

For instance, when high school ended, it signaled a new beginning called “college” for me. When I met Mary, singleness ended and something called “marriage” began.

When our kids left the household, it signaled a new phase of life called “empty nest.” When our kids got married, it began a new part of our lives called “Grandparents.”

LIfe is full of a series of endings and beginnings and endings and beginnings and endings… well, you get the idea. Endings and beginnings are dynamically connected in our lives.

God always has this new idea of what He wants to do in and through us. When something appears to be ending, He has this brilliant idea about starting something new, a beginning. If you think about it, even our deaths will be an ending and a beginning. A new reality is waiting for us.

Endings are opportunities for beginnings. Beginnings will eventually end. Endings are often painful. Beginnings are often joyful. We may be more excited about beginnings but don’t forget to embrace the endings too. They have something to teach us too.

Life really is a circle. Experience it completely!

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