Unlimited love

I am a grandpa for a second time this week! I can’t believe it! It is very cool! Let me introduce you to Oliver McLean Davey! I am really getting into this grandfathering gig. I really love this new little guy as much as I do the first little guy. Check out his pix below and you will totally get it!

It is a pretty fantastic thing that no matter how much I love my kids, I also have love to spare. No matter how much I love my grandson, I have love left over to give to my new grandson. Crazy really!

I started thinking about it and I realized that love is one of the few commodities that has an unlimited supply. Money is limited. Time is limited. Life on this planet is limited. But, love is not limited.

Actually, it is limited but it is only limited by us. We limit it. We determine how much we will love others and how many people we include in our “love circle.” We may not love everyone the same way but we have more capacity in our hearts than we realize.

Here is what I am learning: the more I open my heart to God, the more he pours love into it. I begin to love myself more and I then have more love to pour out. It is kind of like a bucket that is being continually filled up with an endless supply of water that just pours over the side.

God never stops giving His love to me. As long as I stay open to that love and the more I let it in my life, the more love I have to give. But, here’s the thing: if I stop letting it out, the supply starts to dry up. That is what Jesus meant when he said if we love God, then we will love others too.

Sure, it is easy to for me to love this little guy in the picture. But, he also reminds me that I have more than enough love to go around for others, even those who aren’t as cute as him… even those who aren’t my family and my close friends. Love is unlimited!

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  1. Karen Bass

    Congratulations on you new grandson he is a cutie for sure. You are double blessed

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