What is the definition of vacation? I guess it depends on the person. Obviously, it signifies a break from the normal routine. But, beyond that what does it mean?

It can mean sleeping a bunch or eating a bunch or leaving home for some place exotic or making home a little more exotic.

It can mean taking a break from work or playing a wide variety of sports or watching movie after movie or reading a good book or heading toward the beach.

For people in other parts of the world like England, they don’t say taking a vacation; instead they say going on holiday. I kind of like that. It feels festive and special.

I guess the key to making a vacation or a holiday truly special is by doing something you really don’t normally get to do or doing something that you don’t get to do often enough. It means setting aside time to really just enjoy a favorite thing or person.

For me, this vacation surrounds a couple of special new people in my life. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check it out below:

Oliver and Grandpa

Skyler and Grandpa

Now, this is a vacation!

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