I have been back in the Michigan/Indiana area for a little over a week and been reunited with my old nemesis, allergies! I don’t know if it is dust or pollen or whatever but the results are memorable.

My nose is running off my face (an alarming expression if it was really true) one moment and the next moment my nose is stuffed up. Thank goodness for Zyrtec!

Allergies are not fun stuff. They can disrupt our world that is for sure. Some folks are allergic to certain foods like gluten which forms all kinds of breads. What a pain that would be! PIzza is kind of like a separate food group to me.

Others are allergic to certain soaps or detergents. Some are allergic to certain insects or flowers. Crazy stuff these allergies.

An allergy is basically something that causes an adverse reaction in us. It is generally something to which we are hypersensitive.

So, I was thinking of the kinds of people I am “allergic” to which are not the ordinary way we view allergies? For instance, I am “allergic” to people with negative attitudes. In fact, I get a real “itch” that forces me to leave their presence.

I am also “allergic” to anyone who mistreats others, especially the highly vulnerable like kids. In these cases, I have a real strong allergic reaction and feel the desire to “sneeze” all over them.

In fact, I am “allergic” to to judgers and hypocrites. These are persons who tend to look at others in a demeaning way and yet refuse to look honestly at their own stuff.

I am “allergic” to folks who quit trying or who quit learning. These dudes aren’t stretching anymore to grow and learn from their mistakes and their successes. They think they have either arrived or they feel they will never arrive.

I am “allergic” finally to people who simply don’t care. I wish these guys were passionate about something. They could even been mad but at least it shows concern. Anything seems better than apathy.

What about you? To whom are you allergic? And then, it hit me. Maybe, there are some who are allergic to me? Something for me (and maybe you) to consider!

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