Alone time

I don’t typically like to spend a lot of time alone. I am social by nature. Even when I prepare a message, I do so in a public place like a coffee house. I guess I just like to have people nearby.

It isn’t that I can’t be alone. I just draw energy from being around people. That is the basic definition of an extrovert. That is why being with folks today at worship was so much fun! I especially was stoked by the nine persons who were baptized! Cool stuff!

But, even extroverts need to get away at times. I do that when I spend time alone with God or when I spend time reading or I go out hiking. Yesterday, however was a rarity. I went to the golf course alone.

You see golf for me is a sport I play with others. But yesterday, I couldn’t find anyone who could play so I headed to the course alone. I didn’t know it at the time but I needed the time alone.

I soon discovered that there were two opposing forces were warring inside of me. On one side of the equation was my desire to do well on the course. The other side was my desire to simply relax and smell the roses.

By the time I started the back nine, it was apparent that the first motivation was kind of pointless. I recalled looking up at some point and looking at the scenery. I think it was right after I hit the ball onto the roof of a neighboring house.

I was amazed once more by the this wonderful world God created. I looked at the hills surrounding the valley where we live and was blown away once more by the beauty. Yesterday, I was reminded multiple times how good it is to simply be alive!

Sometimes, it takes breaking away from the norm in order to appreciate all that I have been given. We all need a little solitary time in order to be more effective in our lives.

Regardless of how much we enjoy being with others, we all need to take time to be alone from time to time. And when you finally break away, pay attention! God has a bunch to say to us.

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