Vacation is ending. Tomorrow back to reality. I have many mixed feelings. I want to go home and be with my “family” back in Phoenix. And yet, I am going to miss my kids and grandkids like crazy!

Where is home anyway? Have you thought about that before? Some would define it as the place you live, the house you rent or own, the city where you spend the majority of your time. But, is it really?

If it is that would mean people who don’t have an apartment or a house are homeless. We might think that is true but I think it just means they are houseless. Homeless would look totally different to me.

I mean to be honest, home is so much more than that. The famous line is, “home is where your heart is.” It think that makes a bunch of sense. If that is true, then being homeless means you are cut off from your heart.

Let me unpack that a moment. Jesus said that wherever our treasure is, that is where our heart is. So, the equation would look like this: home = heart + treasure. What do I treasure?

That is an easy question. I treasure God of course. The only other real treasures in my life are people. The people who are closest to me include my wife, Mary, my kids, Josh, Jessica and Mindy, my son-in-law Chris, my daughter-in-law Bethany, my two grandkids, Skyler and Oliver, and the rest of my biological family.

But the list doesn’t end there. It includes friends from across the years and special people in the city of Phoenix at a church called North Hills. The people of North Hills are who I am looking forward to seeing when I return “home.” They are part of my home.

I am so thankful that the woman I have spent almost 30 years with is going with me. It helps lessen the pain of leaving the rest of my “family” behind.

I guess I have “homes” all over the world really. And no, I am not talking about brick and mortar. There are people all over the place who I care about and who have my heart, who I treasure.

So, tomorrow will be a homecoming. But, there will be other “homecomings” in other places in the months and years ahead. I will never be “homeless” and neither will you if you keep your heart open. And one day, there will be the final major homecoming where God joins the show. Pretty cool!

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