Real connections

OK, I am going to reveal another one of those “OOPS” moments for the Davey household. While we were on vacation, our GPS stopped functioning. So, I went to yonder store to pick up a new cord hoping that would solve the problem.

At the chosen store, I couldn’t quite find the exact match. Instead, I settled for one that fit the GPS thinking “if the shoe fits…” Well, even though the end fit into the actual GPS, apparently it was not intended for use with this unit.

So, I asked my lovely bride to take the offensive cord back to the store. I crammed it back in the plastic covering that had been utterly destroyed. Those plastic electronic coverings are so hard to open by the way. But, that is besides the point.

Here is where the problem exists. We decided during the trip that our old GPS probably bit the dust in hot desert sun. So, we bought a new GPS with a new cord. Somehow or another I put the new GPS cord in the plastic covering that went back to the store. OOPS!

By the way, the “fake” cord cost only about $14 while the real Garmin GPS cord cost over twice that amount. And also, by the way, the store that sold us the fake cord that now had possession of a cord worth a bunch more had already sent it back to the manufacturer. They did let me graciously keep the fake cord… that was absolutely worthless to me!

So, what does this say to us? Well, maybe beyond recurring OOPS by Jim, it reminds me that real is better than fake. Profound, I know.

Really, it is important in life to have the right cord… I know, more profound thoughts by Jim. I should do greeting cards. Remember, fake cords look like the real thing. They may even seem to make the connection but ultimately they won’t work.

Never, ever settle for fake but close… in relationships, in life, in terms of our connection with God. Got it?

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