Road Crossings

The other day we were traveling up from Chicago around Lake Michigan to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a trip that we have taken multiple times in our lives.

These two cities connect two of our favorite families in the whole world: our son, Josh and daughter-in-law, Bethany and our grandson Oliver and our daughter, Jessica and son-in-law, Chris and our grandson Skyler. So, as you can imagine this 3 1/2 hour car trip is a joyous one!

This particular day, we observed something we had never seen before, at least on an interstate. As we traveled I-94 we noticed a semi-truck slowing down in the right hand lane while we were passing in the left hand lane. That wasn’t the unusual thing by the way.

The strange thing was why the truck slowed down. We noticed at almost the last moment a mother duck and four baby ducklings trying to get to the other side of the road.

Thankfully, I was able to swerve slightly to avoid hitting this family on its way across a busy highway. I looked back to make sure I indeed had missed the brood.

I noticed that the wind from our 70 mile per hour vehicle did stop them in their tracks and even knocked them back a bit. But, thankfully, there were no fatalities.

Now, I can’t guarantee they made it to the other side. I only can confirm they made it to the median. I wondered out loud to Mary what drove this mother to lead her young-ins to the other side of the road. Was there some kind of water supply on the far side?

Were they heading toward a new food supply? Were they running away from an alcoholic father duck? What motivated her to risk it all to pursue the other side?

Why did the duck cross the road? Not as famous as the other question often asked about the chicken, but still perplexing based on personal experience.

I guess the best I could come up with was that she must have been trying to make a better life for her little ducklings. This mother must have done what all good mothers and dads would do and try to help her family survive and even thrive.

When it comes to this question of dangerous road crossings, it all comes back to one motivation; for the good of the ones you love. It isn’t about taking a dare or trying to show off. It should only be about something extra special like family or friends or maybe a mission from God.

Make the crossings count or don’t bother! You might as well just stay put unless it makes a read difference for someone! Think about it.

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