Rough edges

Yesterday, I did some yard work at my daughter and son-in-law’s house. That doesn’t sound like a big deal until you consider our yard back in Phoenix is basically a rock garden. I no longer have to do “yard” work on a regular basis.

So, I really did it up this week. The day before I mowed the grass and then on Saturday I did some weed whacking and some lawn edging. We had bought them a new edger and I don’t think the edging had been done for some time.

Big chunks of sod came away along with huge amounts of dirt. The irregular line of grass along the sidewalk, driveway and street became a straight line next to the concrete.

I have to admit, it gave me an amazing amount of satisfaction seeing the finished work. It felt like a sense of order coming from chaos. I was able to see the results of my “creation” and was pretty proud.

It must have been like that when God created the world from chaos. OK, I know it is hugely different but at least I can get a little of that sensation. Except with God, His creative work involved a beautiful world and people He is crazy about.

God saw chaos and His spirit moved over the face of the waters. His presence was there creating everything from nothing. He breathed and people like you and me came into existence. I am sure God looked at it all and was proud of this order.

The problem is that left untended, order will revert back to disorder. It is true of the lawn and its true of this world, particularly us as people.

I can’t simply wait till next year and come back and expect the yard to look like it does right now. My kids will have to keep watering the grass and whacking the weeds and mowing the grass. And of course, the edging has to continue if it is going to look like it does right now.

That is also true of our lives. We have to continue to allow God to bring order out of chaos. We have to let God continue to create in us until the project is completed. He will cut off the rough edges and smooth out the lines in our lives if we let Him. I am trying to do just that!

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