Anniversary lessons

Two days ago my wife and I celebrated 30 years of marriage! Wow! I can’t believe she has put up with me for this long. For real! I used to think she had it pretty good. Now, I realize that I had a whole lot of learning to be a good husband. I thought I would share a few of those lessons.

Lesson 1: Put the toilet seat down. I am serious here. There were times in the past that I thought “Why can’t she put it down herself?” ¬†However, it says a great deal to a woman when you are sensitive to her feelings. This is definitely in the category of caring about her and her needs. After all, women hate a wet surprise.

Lesson 2: When she talks, turn it off. It might be the TV, the radio, the Internet, the stuff that happened at work, your hunger, whatever… Turn it off and listen. It isn’t listening when you aren’t using both ears and your heart!

Lesson 3: Lock the doors. I think one of the greatest gifts I can give Mary is to protect her. She needs me to keep the bad guys out. And, I am not just talking about physically keeping her safe. She needs me to make her feel safe emotionally. Sometimes I even need to protect her from me.

Lesson 4: Keep it real. Don’t forget to be yourself. It is important to a woman that her husband is honest with her. And, the ultimate honesty I can share is when I let her see us as I really am.

Lesson 5: Keep it simple. Enjoy the moments, the simpler the better. Make the every day moments special. That is how to make a memory. Embrace each day and see how much each day has to offer. Women love memory making men!

Lesson 6: Never stop wooing. Keep the romance alive. Treat her like its still the first month of your relationship. Pretend you are still trying to convince her that you are the right guy for her. Don’t take her for granted. Little things like flowers can win her heart.

Lesson 7: Shop… every once in awhile. Now, I know that not every woman likes to shop but it illustrates an important part of building the relationship. Do something she likes to do, even if you don’t enjoy it. Love is an action word after all.

I could go on, but these seven lessons are enough for now. Mainly, I am learning how much I still have to learn. Mainly, I need to learn more about her. As deep as I go in my relationship with Mary, there are still so many layers to discover.

I guess I will have to commit another 30 years to the project! That’s cool. I know I will enjoy the ride!

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