Check ups

Early this morning I did the one thing I hate doing. It is something I am supposed to do once a year. I went to the doctor for my “annual” physical. The quotation marks are due to the fact that it has been closer to 2 years since my last one.

I know, I know, save the lectures. I am fully aware that I should be careful at “my age.” I need a little preventative medicine in order to keep myself healthy or at least to avoid something unhealthy sneaking up on me.

I really hadn’t meant to put it off. It is just that I had to go to a new doctor.  I had just got comfortable with my old doc in KC and since the move hadn’t taken the plunge to find a new one.

I hate looking for new auto mechanics, doctors and dentists. All of these persons invariably have to look “under my hood.” So, once I get used to one and can trust them with my inner and outer parts, I hate finding a new one and going through the whole “dating” phase once more.

Getting a physical is one of the most invading hours of my life. I started out the morning feeling pretty healthy but by the time the doctor got through with my medical history, all the various aches and pains, I wasn’t sure anymore.

I have had two surgeries, appendix and my eyes, and currently could stand another surgery on my feet. I have tinnitus and apparently struggle with allergies that act up from time to time. I have occasional issues with other areas of my body, joints, muscles,nerves and a few other areas that are just between my doctor and me.

By the time I took account of all these various little issues, I didn’t feel so good about my body. I work out weekly, play basketball and golf and sometimes softball and during the cooler months hike. So, I am pretty active and eat pretty well (I did have a peach shake on the way home today… but peaches are very healthy.)   :)

But regardless of all the positives, my body is just slowly wearing out. I can still do most of the stuff I did when I was 26 (half my age) but it takes at least twice as long to recuperate.

Paul talks about how our bodies are temporary, like “jars of clay.”  They are fragile. The good news is the core stuff that even the doc can’t see will last forever. These shells will some day give out. But, our spirits will live on.

And if, our spirits are connected to His Spirit, we will be able to be totally free from any aches, pains, or other issues. Pretty cool ending… or should I say “beginning”!

So, my suggestion would be to make sure we get our “annual” physicals. Get the once over! Take care of our bodies. But, we also better not forget to get “daily” spirituals… get our regular check ups. Let’s make sure the stuff that lasts forever is healthy!

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