Pet Peeves

What are your pet peeves?  I have a few. One of them is when people refuse to use turning signals. That really bugs me. I can understand when they are changing lanes and nobody is around but when they are turning off one street to another, forget it! Take an extra three seconds and give a guy a “heads up,” will you!

I also hate it when fast food restaurants refuse to put ketchup in your bag unless you ask for it. I am used to the days when that was automatic. Even worse is when they fail to give you a napkin. How in the world can I eat ketchup-less and napkin-less french fries?

I am also not a fan of public restrooms that have taken out their mirrors. I think it has something to do with men messing up the mirrors or some kind of rhetoric like that. I need to look at myself to make sure there isn’t some kind of green thing hanging out of my teeth! Give me back my mirror!

I also hate wimpy finger nail clippers. There are some that seem to bend when I attack my nails versus actually cutting through the nails with one clean “snip.”  Not cool. Or how about the new pumps on hand lotions? They invariably leave enough stuff in the bottom that can’t be pumped out and yet it is too much to throw away. Bummer!

A few other things that tend to bug me: People driving slow in the fast lane, telephone solicitors who somehow have my cellphone number, yappy dogs who bark at night, books that have a stupid ending, caps left off of markers, coffee stains on the carpet in my car (I don’t drink coffee), shirts that shrink in the dryer, lines of any kind, people who talk too much,someone forgetting to replace the toilet paper roll, etc.

I guess when I think about it really, these are just mere annoyances. In reality, they are nothing in the big scheme of things. When I consider things like death of someone I care about or mistreatment of kids or failed marriages or disease or the whole big hurting world around me, I feel kind of ashamed of my little frustrations.

I wonder how I would face all those little issues that occur every day if I simply remembered that I am alive! What if I simply squeezed life for all its worth? What if I remembered that God has given me a life full of meaning and wonder?What if I considered those who have it a whole lot worse than I do?  I don’t think these things would even make my radar.

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