Shake it up!

I had to have one today. I felt it deep inside of me. It was one of those days when nothing else would do. In fact, I was confident that my life would be incomplete without it.  So, I went for it!

I had to get a shake! So, I headed over to Chik-fil-a to see what they had to offer. I love their peach shakes but this time I decided to go for a strawberry one. Great shake at a great price. Not that I am trying to sell you on Chik-fil-a but I really did appreciate the whipped cream with the cherry on top!

So, I have made a pact to determine the best shakes in the valley. I will look at flavor, price, and intangibles like extra touches like whipped cream. It may cost me a little weight gain but, I think it will be worth it to find the perfect milk shake.

Send me your opinions and I will give them a try as long as I can get there in less than an hour. I already tried one place that was very disappointing both in price and taste. But on the other hand, don’t try to sell me on some  shake from a fast food joint just because it is cheap.

I am not sure when I began my love affair with the milkshake but I have always liked ice cream mixed with milk and flavoring. It is produced by mixing it all together at high speeds in some kind of blender.

Actually, the more I think about the classic shake, it feels a lot like my life; a bunch of stuff mixed up at high speeds. Wow! I wonder if that is why I identify with the milk shake. My life is pretty crazy some times with things going in many different directions. The key is to get the right mix so it tastes right and doesn’t cost more than it should.

Hmmm… all of a sudden, I am getting hungry again for some sloppy ice cream. Got any ideas what I can do about it?

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  1. Chuck

    Lenny’s at 59th Avenue and Peoria. Do he strawberrry – you will never be satisfied with any other. Well. the others will suffice but you will be going back to Leny’s. Just this one,not the other.

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