Sweet cereal

I have been a Wheaties fan for a long time. I am not sure exactly why. It may be because it was touted as the breakfast of champions and I wanted to be one. It might be because of some of my heroes that have donned the box front. It could be because it seemed like a healthier choice.

But, whatever the reason, Wheaties is my favorite cereal. I especially dig it with a banana cut up on top. When I was younger I would throw some sugar on top but since I became a man, “I put away childish things.” I have tried other bran cereals but these wheat flakes are still my first love.

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a change of pace from time to time. Tonight, I felt like I needed this kind of shift from routine. In fact, even having breakfast cereal for dinner is different from the norm.

Tonight, I chose Captain Crunch. It is one of my two favorite guilty cereal pleasures. I like this crunchy cereal with the picture of the cartoon captain on front. I like the original not the ones with the crunch berries or other additives.

The only downside from eating “the crunch” is the way it sticks to the roof of my mouth. That is why I don’t prefer it in the morning when I brush my teeth right after eating it. It is difficult to get it “unstuck.”

Usually, I would choose Lucky Charms for my later night dinner or snack. It has the normal kind of flavorless cereal mixed in with these sugary charms.  I love the way they melt in the milk and start to turn the milk all kinds of colors. Sweet stuff!

So what does this have to do with anything? I guess it illustrates that we need to have our regular routines in life. We need to create habits that are healthy and life giving. But, we also need a break from the routine. We need to occasionally be a kid again and grab some kid cereal. It is good to have some fun!

We need both some good regular practices and some times we cut loose and enjoy this great life that God has given us! Yeah, be an adult and make good choices. But, sprinkle it all with some kid like spontaneity! Both are God’s gifts!

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