Small beginnings

Last night I went with a buddy to the Diamondbacks game. It was an exciting game as Arizona came back late in the game after being down 1-0 to take the game 3-1.  It was made more exciting by the fact that it was the game that sewed up the division championship.

You won’t believe the celebration that ensued! Players came out on the field and jumped on each other’s backs and whooped and hollered. They acted like little kids eventually jumping into the swimming pool uniquely positioned in the outfield.

What made this celebration even more amazing was the fact that this team wasn’t supposed to be here. They weren’t supposed to win.In fact, experts predicted they would probably finish last in their division.

Sure, we don’t know how far they will go in the playoffs but they have already gone farther than anyone imagined. I was reading today in Zechariah and read that we shouldn’t despise small beginnings because at least the work has begun. Then, I read in Luke how Jesus’ own home town questioned his power since he was only Joseph’s son.

So, you see sometimes the unexpected happens. We get what we didn’t expect and what we didn’t think was possible. Personally, I get how hard it is to believe anything can happen. In fact, I often feel like I am small potatoes. I wonder what little ol’ Jim can do.

And then I read these words from Scripture and realize that all things are possible… with one important caveat: in Christ! Small things become big. Small people can do big things. I have this incredible idea of what God wants to do through the church I lead! On paper, impossible. Doesn’t make sense. The facts are against it.

Who knows how far the Diamondbacks will go in the playoffs. But, it was a reminder to me that long shots still win the big game. Don’t ever give up on yourself. Or, better yet, don’t ever give up on the God in you!

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  1. Terry Reed

    Amen! Many great ministries have had humble beginnings. May God greatly bless your efforts for His kingdom.
    Terry Reed
    Small Church Tools

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