Cold showers

We have been without the hot water for four days. Our hot water heater decided to give up the ghost. We came home on Friday and water was leaking all over our garage. Time to get a new hot water heater!

But, that takes time especially when it is Labor Day weekend. We should be back in business by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. That will be cool (or do I mean hot.)

Hot water is one of those things you take for granted until you are no longer have it. Then, you are definitely thankful for it. We need the water heated for laundry and dishes and of course showers. I especially miss hot showers! At least here in the valley due to the heat, the water isn’t totally cold. The pipes get warmed up making the shower bearable.

There are a ton of things like hot water that I take for granted. I take for granted a bunch of stuff like automobiles and cell phones and refrigerators and air conditioning. I keep thinking about people who used to live back in the day before all these modern conveniences. Tough stuff!

I was talking to someone recently about the days here in Phoenix before air conditioning. They used fans and open windows. They reminded me that temperatures here in the valley of the sun have escalated over the year, partly due to all the development here in Phoenix and partly due to environmental issues like global warming.

Regardless, I can’t imagine not having air conditioning today!  Some days it feels like I move from air conditioning to air conditioning. I move from my air conditioned house to my air conditioned car to the air conditioned coffee house to my air conditioned office to the air conditioned store to my  air conditioned house.  Modern living at its finest!

I can live without these things like hot water on demand but I wouldn’t want to. I basically enjoy all these kinds of conveniences. I have been places in this world where they don’t enjoy these things and I don’t even think about them… well, at least I don’t complain as much when they aren’t available to me.

Cold showers and sweating are not my favorite things but I can survive. I like being pampered. I like having things that make life easier. I like modern inventions. And yes, I take it all for granted.

There are people in the world who have to heat water on open flame and who depend on homemade fans and who travel for miles to talk with a friend. I hope I can remember that next time my hot water heater goes out.

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