Come from behind wins!

After 161 games, it all comes down to the last game of the season. Two teams in the American League and two teams in the National League had an opportunity for the last spot in the post season. If both teams win tonight then they would have a one game playoff to see who would play on.

I mean it’s really kind of amazing. After this long season, we are waiting for the final games to finish with the final slots for the postseason tournament. In the National League of Major League Baseball it is all over. St. Louis was some 8 games behind in the wild card race with only 20 games to go and made up the difference on Atlanta and won tonight while Atlanta lost to seal the deal.

In the American League, Tampa Bay had a similar deficit in terms of games to overcome to catch up to Boston. And tonight Boston is playing in Baltimore and Tampa Bay is hosting the New York Yankees with the opportunity to go to postseason if they win. (By the way, while writing this, Boston lost in the 9th inning and Tampa Bay won the game in the bottom of the 12th and are going to the postseason)

How could it happen? How could two teams (Boston and Atlanta) with such commanding leads in their respective leagues for the wild card both lose on the last day of the season? ┬áIt doesn’t seem possible. One of the fans has a banner in the outfield with the words, “Do you believe in miracles?” Maybe that sums it up.

Coming from behind is not normal. It is difficult. It doesn’t happen all the time. It is rare. It is the stuff of legends. Things you talk about years later when you tell your kids, you were there…

Come from behind wins are always special. It doesn’t just happen in sports by the way. It happens in life. The best stuff happens when God brings a person back from the brink. I love those kinds of stories. God does the unexpected. He can raise the dead after all. So, bringing someone from the depths of despair to the point of hope is not a problem for Him.

I love it when He does that. It makes me want to jump up and give someone a high five. I love the way He gives dreams back, the way he brings families back, the way He makes folks live again. Resurrection of the dead really has more than one look. God has a thing for the underdog by the way!

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