God of the small

I believe that God works in big ways!  He also works in small ways! Let me tell you what I mean. The other day my wife, daughter and me went to Prescott. On the way home, I decided it would be cool to take the scenic route home to Phoenix.

It was a great route since it took us by some gorgeous ponderosa pines over the mountains. It was a long windy road that stretched for maybe 60 miles and dropped about 5000 miles in elevation on its way to Wickenburg.

The drive is beautiful… if you have enough gas in your car. The problem is that we didn’t. We left Prescott believing we would see plenty of gas stations but we didn’t.  Great views of the hills but lousy views of pumps.

As the gas gauge slipped to 1/16 of a tank and without a station in sight, I said a quick prayer that God would somehow keep the gas from going down until we found a station. I estimated we probably only could go 2o miles or so.

Not only did the gauge not go down, it actually went back up to 1/8 of a tank and lingered there… until we got to a gas station maybe 30-40 minutes later. I know there are probably great scientific reasons why this happened such inconsistencies in the gas gauge but I tend to believe that God shows up in little ways!

Then, this morning, I woke up early to go out back and water our trees and plants before heading off to worship. It has been a long hot summer and I wanted to keep these “green friends” from burning up.

I has just told my daughter the day before that I hadn’t seen a humming bird for a quite awhile. I am fascinated with them and the miracle of their flight. I was spraying the tree from across the yard when guess what decided to make an appearance: yeah, a humming bird!

The bird came down into the water spray maybe getting a drink or just washing its little body. It was and incredible sight!  And then, so I didn’t miss the message, it darted straight at me. I had to duck to avoid having a humming bird face to face encounter.

Some might say that the humming birds have been around and you might have spotted quite a few. But, it had been a month of more since I had seen one. Seeing one that morning after talking about it just the day before, could be just a coincidence.  Or, it might simply be that I was more observant this morning.  But, I believe it is God showing up in small ways!

I think God is not just the God of big moments but also of small moments.  This morning I was praising His name for these small glimpses of Him. You see if we fail to praise him in the small, we steal some of His glory!

I refuse to see God only in gigantic, obvious ways. Sure, He does the amazing stuff like healing the sick and . But, He also does things that involve gas gauges and humming birds. He does that to remind us that He is the God of all things in our lives, big and small. Nothing is too difficult or too easy for Him. Don’t ever forget it!

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