Living large

Today was an interesting day in many ways. First of all, I almost blew it. Someone came by the office and needed to talk to a pastor. Katie, our office administrator, asked if I had some time to give to this woman. I didn’t. I had zero spare time!

I also assumed the person was coming to ask for money. I simply was ready to blow her off. And then, God worked on my spirit. He hit me right in the gut with the thought that this woman might really need some help.

I went out to the reception area and discovered that it was two women, a mother and her daughter. She told me she just needed someone to pray with me since she had her son’s memorial service that very week.  What a huge blunder I almost made.  A holy moment!

I ended the day just a few minutes ago helping two friends renew their wedding vows. They asked if they could do that after our home group study. Wow, what another privilege!  To see these two people Mary and I love find healing in their relationship and recommit to one another.  A holy moment!

I believe opportunities come our way every day. We can mss them if we are not paying attention or if we too distracted by our own schedules or if we simply fail to say “yes” to living life wide open.

I am still learning how to embrace the moments that come my way. Sometimes it is crying with those who cry and other times laughing with those who laugh. If we truly follow Jesus each day, he will bring us opportunities to do both.

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