One Bad Decision

Do you realize how much one decision can affect your own demeanor, your whole outlook, your future decisions? I realized this the other day on the golf course.

I was on the second hole of a scheduled eighteen hole course and had my first real decision to make. Would I use my three wood or my three iron on my second. For non-golfers, the three wood will normally go farther.

However, even with my best shot, I was going to fall short of the green on this long par 5.  I knew that the three iron and even my four iron would get me within 100 yards of the hole which would be a good distance for my third shot.

You also need to know that my three wood has been very erratic lately.  (Notice how many of us golfers “blame” the club. The golf club was erratic not me.) My three iron or four iron were better bets in terms of accuracy and consistency. Better choice, right?

Until, you take into consideration one very stubborn dude who is convinced that 50 yards out is better and after all no one wants to be outdone mentally.  I can do this! I got this shot! So, I pulled out the three wood and promptly “shanked” (a word you never use on the golf course due to “bad luck”) the ball into the water.

After losing a stroke, I went from possible par to a double bogey. Worse than that, I was totally tanked mentally for the rest of the round. I couldn’t get over that one bad decision.

How often does that happen in our lives? One bad decision! We allow it to hamper us and hold us back. It creates this strangle hold on our lives which makes it tough to move on. We emotionally and mentally are affected. We have trouble forgiving ourselves and getting on with life.

And unfortunately one bad decision leads to others. I was listening to a song recently that spoke of not allowing decisions you make to define who you are… in the words of the song “You are more” by Tenth Avenue North

You are more than the choices that you’ve made,
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes,
You are more than the problems you create,
You’ve been remade…

Wow, powerful words. One bad decision doesn’t have to define our days, our moods, or our lives. We are more!  Check out the song for yourself on Godtube at You are More.  Listen and let it sink in!  Replace those three words “One bad decision” with other words “You are More…”

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