I hate cars! Ok, I really don’t hate cars, I just hate them when they give me problems. I want such simple things from my vehicles, really. I want them to always run when I need them to run, have great gas mileage, never breakdown, and last for about 20 years.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.

If you can’t tell, one of our cars has decided to violate all my expectations. I had to take it into the shop and according to their diagnosis, for a mere $4,500, I could have it back running smoothly again. I am a little reluctant to put that much money into a car that probably isn’t even worth $4,500.

While we contemplate in the Davey household what to do next, let me reflect a bit more about “breakdowns” of other kinds. Breakdowns can occur in communication, in relationships and even in our emotional state of being.  We have breakdowns when things stop working the way they are supposed to work.

Breakdowns are costly to repair. We may not have to pay financially to repair the damage. In fact, some of the most costly payments occur in other areas. Namely, we have to humble ourselves, admit our part and seek forgiveness. And on the other side of the ledger, we have to grant forgiveness. Expensive!

But, the reality is the cost in this case is a whole lot greater to do nothing. The relationship deteriorates and our inner peace disintegrates. Unlike the car, payment no matter how great is better than the alternative.

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