Fun and games

I love carnivals! They allow me an excuse to be a kid again. Yesterday, we held our “Extreme Block Party” at our church and we had some great activities. I even took advantage of some of the big games.

Specifically, I went into a giant ball that you got inside and rolled across the pavement. And then I jumped onto the mechanical bull and took a ride. I think the dude running it cranked it up a bit for me since it felt like I was going a lot faster than the kid before me. I eventually “jumped off” the bull to give the kids a laugh.

And it wasn’t just the games. I must have eaten more junk food than I have eaten in a long time. Between the cupcake and the pizza and the flavored shaved ice and the kettle corn, I generally pigged out.

It feels good to be a kid again. Sometimes we take ourselves so seriously that it is a good idea to simply cut loose and play. I shared before that many of us who are adults forget to play. We think we have gotten to old or we are too mature or some other excuse.

Playing is part of God’s gift to us. I understand that there is a season for everything. So, we can’t just goof off and play games. Life is serious business after all. But, God also made us with the ability to laugh and enjoy others and to simply have fun.

Having fun is a lost art. We need to remember that Jesus came to bring us life to the fullest. If that is true, it should include times when we can remember that we all just big kids. Of course, it may hurt more the day after than when we were younger but the pain is worth it! Enjoy life!

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