Peas and Keys

My wife lost her keys a couple of days ago. They included keys to the house, the cars, the mailbox and a couple other locks. She looked everywhere to find them.

She looked in the car, in the couches, in the trash, in drawers, in boxes, underneath furniture of all shapes and sizes. She looked everywhere she could think of and some places she couldn’t think of.

I even got in the act late last night trying to help her out. I was motivated since I knew she was super bugged that she had lost them. I also wanted get back the keys she borrowed from me before they met a similar fate. I tried to think like her and search in places she may have missed. No luck.

So, this morning I was looking in our freezer at our ice maker that wasn’t working properly. I took the drawer out to examine the back of it hoping merely the action of taking it out and replacing it might jar it into operation.

Guess what I discovered on the backside of the drawer hanging from the prong that fits inside the ice dispenser? You got it! Mary’s keys… Weird place to find them. Makes me wonder what was going on in her mind when she left them there. Obviously, she was preoccupied.

Some of you may have jumped ahead and thought that the removal of said keys helped the ice maker get back into action. Unfortunately, no. The ice maker has other issues.

Going back to the scene of the crime this evening, the ice maker was still not operating and the keys were still in their proper place outside the freezer. Instead, I grabbed some frozen peas to go with my chicken. I was flying solo tonight for dinner.

I picked the peas since I knew it was a healthy choice and I also knew Mary hated peas. I figured I would do her a favor and eat them while she was gone and I kind of like peas. Plus those peas had been in the freezer for a long time. It was time for them to meet their demise.

Apparently the peas I kind of like are not these. They were in a word, awful! I even tried doctoring them with seasoning of various kinds and some olive oil but nothing really worked. Covered up awful is still awful. I was able to get a few into my belly before giving it up. It didn’t help that the chicken was dry as a bone.

What do the keys have to do with the peas? Good question. The keys represent stuff we really want to find and can’t and the peas represent things we can easily find and yet once we do, wish we hadn’t. In other words, keys beat peas every time!

Here is something I am discovering. I need to be patient and wait for the best things life has to offer. Some of the things that are readily available and easily attainable (aka, peas) are often not worth it once we get them. Make sure you are going for “keys” not “peas” in life. After all, the key to life takes time to find…

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