Pen in the pocket lessons!

I did it again! I didn’t mean to but it just happened. ¬†It really was an accident. It has been so long since I actually blew it like this that I ¬†thought I had been cured. Apparently not.

If you are wondering what happened, I will confess it to you. I left a pen in one of my jean pants pocket that went through the washer and the dryer. It left the dryer a mess of artistic black marks. It left many of my clothes with a similar impression.

Not a fun experience I have to tell you! It took me quite awhile to clean up the marks in the dryer. I am right now rewashing my affected clothes after treating them. I have very little hope that these new found stains will come out. But, it is worth a shot.

So. as I sit here waiting to see the fate of my clothes, I figured I might as well share what I learned from the experience. I mean if you are going to mess up some stuff, might as well figure out if there is a lesson there. At least, it gives me food for thought for my Blog tonight.

I guess the most glaring thing I learned is to remember to a be a bit more careful next time. If I had simply checked my pant’s pockets, none of this would have been necessary. It would have taken maybe fifteen extra seconds to find the offensive pen and discard it before starting the wash.

Taking a little more time is often a good idea. Checking things out and making sure you look before you leap is always a good idea. In fact, taking a few extra seconds can make all the difference in the world.

This morning, for instance, if I had checked to my left a little more carefully, I wouldn’t have pulled out in front of the vehicle causing the dude in it to be frustrated with me. It may have even messed up his whole day. Who knows how he treated the next person he met due to his frustration.

That is the second lesson I learned. There is a ripple affect for everything we do. My attitude can affect not only the person I am currently connected with but the persons who connect to them and so forth. One bad attitude or one negative word can have huge results.

At the same time one good deed or one positive word can have multiple affects on multiple people. It is kind of like that commercial where someone helps someone because he or she someone helping someone. Negative or positive actions have significant results.

I guess another lesson might be to keep it all in perspective. I mean for real these are just clothes after all. It is not as if the ink pen damaged a person. It is not like the pen went through someone’s body causing permanent damage. And, the clothes are still useable. They may have a bit more “color” in unusual spots but I can still wear them.

I think all these lessons are important to keep in mind. It may even be worth the pen in the pocket… Naw, I don’t think so!

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