Tough calls

Do I wear jeans or shorts? Do I eat cereal or eggs? Do I watch football or baseball? Do I drive on I-17 or the 101? Do I go to the movies or out to dinner? These are not exactly earth shattering decisions. They don’t exactly shake the foundations of our world.

These are the kinds of decisions that we make every day. They aren’t the kinds of decisions that make you lose sleep at night or cause you to bite your finger nails. These are not decisions you should have to consult a book, a crowd of people or a TV personality to make.

They are normal decisions we make all the time. So, why do I ask my wife what I should wear? Why do I tell her to choose the restaurant we will eat at? Why do I struggle from time to time to know where I should turn when I am driving? Why is it that I want days where I don’t have to make any decisions?

I think the reason these simple decisions are difficult at times is because I have to make so many truly difficult decisions. I have to make decisions that are not always popular. I have to decide even when I really want someone else to step up and make it. But, it’s my job to do it.

So, I think that when it comes to the mundane decisions, I am already all decisioned out. I have no left over decisions left in my bag of decisions. I just want be that kid again and let someone else make the call.

Tough decisions are gut check moments when you have to turn right when everyone else wants go left. Those are times when you have to step up the plate when the game in on the line. Those are the days when you have to choose between two really great ideas. You may have to tell someone “no” or stand up for your values.

Life is full of a series of tough decisions intermixed with a bunch of easy decisions. The key to any of these decisions is making them. Even when we don’t make a decision, we make a decision. We might as well make them on our terms.

And it doesn’t help to remember the big picture. Remember that God has an incredible plan for our lives. We may not need to consult Him on whether we choose the red shirt or the blue shirt but we do really need Him when it comes to the tough calls. He will lead us if we let Him. Gut check time is God check time…

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