Why not me?

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? I am sure most of you have. I know I have. In fact, I have been throwing myself a real big pity party lately. Why me?

I was frustrated with certain expenses that continue to pile up. I was upset that certain things were not falling perfectly in place. I was ticked that life hasn’t been smooth sailing. And to be honest, I was taking a lot out of it on God.

After all, if He really loved me, He would be insulating me from all of this pain. He would have protected me from these enemy attacks. He would help me to sleep at night. He seemed to be negligent in fulfilling His part of the bargain. What’s up God?

And then I realized how messed up my theology was. What did I expect? I mean, the one who I serve was beaten and spat upon and faced a gruesome death. He told those who chose to follow him would face similar stuff. When I think about it that way, it is kind of amazing I have it so good.

He never promised that following Him would give us a hall pass from suffering. We aren’t supposed to “get by “simply because we love Him back. The rain falls on the just and the unjust.

Add to that the people I can easily think of who have faced death of a child or cancer or lost their jobs or have had their spouse cheat on them. I can quickly come up with so many people who have it far worse than me.

And that is just in this country! We are in the top 10 percent of people in the world.  That means we have it better than 90 percent of the world.

Think about people who can’t even come up with clean water or the 6000 people in africa alone who die daily or the countless kids who are malnourished. And then, there are folks who are persecuted for simply acknowledging Jesus as their Lord.

So, why not me? I mean really, what should I expect. I have it really pretty easy in comparison. Suffering in one form or another is part of the gig when we choose Christ. This side of heaven, pain will continue to exist. No way to completely avoid it. Might as well deal with it and show the rest of the world how to find peace in the middle of it all!

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