Clean sheets

We had a friend spend the last two nights with us. It was great opening our home to someone and hearing him tell us how warm and inviting our home is. I love it when people feel at home in our home!

My wife and I have two different ideas about preparing for guests staying with us. She likes to keep the same sheets on the bed that were there from the last guest until the next guest is about to stay with us.

Then, right before the guest arrives, she will wash the sheets on the bed. She figures that way she will always know to wash the sheets regardless and will never have to remember if she washed the sheets or not since the last person slept on the bed. The other part of it has to do with the random possibility of a scorpion crawling in the bed.

I however have a different philosophy. I would rather go ahead and wash the sheets immediately after the guest has left our home and replace the sheets on the bed. That way we will always have clean sheets on the bed in case someone shows up unexpectantly. And, I think it is highly doubtful that a scorpion or other bug can make the climb.

So, who has the better idea? In the case of “sheets” Mary faults on the side of caution. She doesn’t have to rely on her memory as to if the sheets have been washed. She washes right before arrival avoiding the possible consequence of dirty sheets for our guest in case our memory is off. And she likes the idea of fresh sheets right before they arrive.

I on the other hand, carry the philosophy of not having to rush at the last minute to wash sheets. Instead, I fault on the side of having things ready no matter what.

Which is better? ┬áIt would be easy for me to say that my way was best since I often think I am right. But, it terms of sheets, I don’t think it matters. However, does the same hold true for life?

If you take the philosophy of life that you will wait till the last possible moment to “come clean” then you will miss out on a whole lot of stuff God wants to do in your life. It is definitely better to “get clean” now and discover the benefits of living life free and clear of stuff that can hold you back.

God wants to clean up the inside of our lives and help us stay clean. Why wait? Clean sheets and clean lives make for a peaceful night’s sleep!

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  1. Chuck

    Trust me – the scorpions can crawl up just about anything, and they can crawl in bed with you.

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