Light the night!

Last night, we experienced our second halloween at our Phoenix home. So, we pulled out the ol’ grill and fired it up and threw some hotdogs, polish dogs and even a few cheese dogs on it. We rolled it all out to our driveway, grabbed some chairs, a table and our candy and prepared for the onslaught.

The neighbors came over with contributions of their own, including some great chocolate cake. We also threw some bottles of water in a cooler with some ice for those guests who showed up and were thirsty.  We also gave those who were interested a dog or two.

It is one of those rare nights when people from the neighborhood actually show up at your house. We saw people we hadn’t seen all year. They usually go to their homes after work or school or whatever their day held, raise their garage doors and are in for the night.

Kind of cool really! I mean in the past we as Christians were told to avoid the whole holiday. It emphasized fear and had costumes that were questionable from the stand point of good versus evil.

But, here’s the thing. We have always been a people who are all about redeeming things. We are supposed to shine light in the darkness,right?  And, for most of the people I see on Halloween, they are all about the fun stuff. We should be the kings and queens of fun!

I made sure that our candy was not crappy for instance because I wanted to have the families coming by know that this “Christian house” was all about making their night bright!

Little by little on nights like last night, we hope to make a dent in our neighborhood. We hope to light our neighborhood with our willingness to go the extra mile. I just wish there were more halloween nights in the year!

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