Pet Peeves

I have some Pet Peeves:

I hate it when drivers fail to use their turning signals.

I hate it when rest rooms run out of toilet paper.

I hate waiting in any line.

I hate shopping malls, period, but especially before Christmas.

I hate “check engine” lights.

I hate pump style bottles that stop working before all the stuff is pumped out.

I hate pulling one sock instead of a pair from the dryer.

I hate cutting my toe nails.

I hate gossip and negative talk.

I hate it when ketchup bottles pour liquid out on my burger.

I hate it when mechanical stuff like cars stop working and I can’t figure out how to fix them.

I hate Monday mornings.

I hate yappy dogs that bark while I am trying to sleep.

I hate it when drivers wait to the very last minute to merge into traffic.

I hate bugs that splatter on my windshield.

I hate birds that poop on my roof.

As I look at this list, I realize that I need to relax a bit. I could be a little more laid back in my approach to life. If I just learned to laugh a bit more when things didn’t go my way and simply let things roll off my back…

And then again, maybe everyone else could just get their act together. Maybe if the world just started to march to the beat of my drum.  Is that too much to ask????

OK, I guess I have some work to do.

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