I have a real dilemma. I have a car that very few repair shops wish to touch. My Honda Civic Hybrid is in need of repair and yet many “regular” auto shops would rather not mess with them.  The reason is due to the special electric part of the motor. If done incorrectly, the car could seriously zap the repair person.

The only place that really has offered to check out my bad tranny is the Honda dealership itself. They are ready, willing and able to fix the car but it will cost me dearly. What should I do?

But, this whole thing got me to thinking about our lives. There are badly damaged people all around me who need “repair” work done. But, many places they go for help tend to shy away. They aren’t ready to dig deep into the lives of these who are hurting since it could get very messy.

The only qualified “repair shop” is the local church. We aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination but those of us who are following Christ know the “automaker.”  We have a direct line to the one who risked it all to give us a second chance (and third, fourth, and 4,599 chance) at life.

It will certainly cost the person who is willing to expose himself or herself to the process but it will be worth it in the long run. In fact, he or she won’t find the solution any other place.  All the rest are cheap substitutes and will only address the surface issues.

All of this pondering hasn’t gotten me to a solution for my car situation, but at least I know my dilemma has given me something else to think about!


  1. Bill Harrel

    Hello Jim,

    I happened to read your note on your car. Not sure if you have already had it repaired. But not, Call my friend at AAA auto. He is well verst in auto repair. Not sure the cost – but let him know who you are and that I referred you. It may help! The part about you being a pastor! LOL. Good luck and Hope you are able to repair it!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and God Bless!

  2. Bill Harrel

    Oops! I realized I forgot to put their number. THe owner is Sam his number is 602-6960347 I can’t remember if that is cell or work – sorry!

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