Right outside my window

I haven’t been able to use the radio in my car for the last week. When my battery died, apparently there was some kind of security code attached to using it. Unfortunately I do not have the code. The previous owner did not give it to me. I know, more of my car saga!

And so, I am left to listen to the whine of my poor transmission. At the same time, it has allowed me more time that is not filled up with noise. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of music. I could listen to it all day long.

The problem is that music and the occasional comment of the DJ can draw my attention away from the life outside my window. I have become more aware of people walking or riding their bikes or jogging. The other day, I saw a mom on a bike that had a cart behind it presumably with a kid in it and an additional three kids with her on scooters.  Crazy fun lady!

I miss a whole lot all around me due to distractions. The “noise” in my life is mighty loud. I have my schedule, my agenda, my “to do” lists, my stressors, and much more. Add to that all the other stuff including good stuff and I have a whole band playing in my head.

The other day, I saw a young college aged woman who had locked her keys in her car. Some young guys were trying unsuccessfully to use coat hangers to pry open the window and get to the locks.

All this noise was going off in my head: “You don’t have time.” “Remember the agenda.” “They don’t need your help.” “It might look weird if you stop and help.” And yet, somehow I was able to hear that little voice, “It will only cost you a little time and your AAA number.”

So, I stopped and helped.  Normally, I would miss that. Right outside my window are lives that need someone who cares about them, someone who can put aside the noise long enough to hear them.

Don’t wait for your radio to malfunction to look outside your window!

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  1. Will

    If you have a Honda, the code is often printed on a sticker stuck on the outside left of your glove compartment.

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