Up close and personal

I have a bunch to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  I have an incredible wife, terrific kids, awesome new grandsons, and fantastic friends and family!  I have the privilege of leading some great people at our church toward this tremendous mission helping people find freedom!

So, I had the opportunity the last few days to hang out with said wife and some of my kids and one of my grandsons. The last five hours, I was on grandpa duty while the ladies fought the crowds to find that super bargain. I was glad to hold down the fort and watch Skyler, my wonderful grandson, while they “enjoyed” Black Friday.

I learned a ton while watching this seven month old dude. I spent more time down on the floor than I have in a long time. Sky likes to have people down on eye level. He enjoys the personal attention.

I was doing pretty well up to a point. I was able to interpret the subtle signs in order to feed him according to schedule, change his diapers and give him a nap. I followed the routine.

I added in a dose of “jumping” in his special toy, playing with him on the floor and watching him attempt to crawl, singing crazy kid songs, giving him rattles, plush toys and other kid things. We even listened to some Christmas music for awhile and found some Baby Einstein learning videos on Youtube.

The problem occurred when none of that worked. I tried all the tricks in the handbook but Sky was still fussy. This lasted almost an hour which will feel like an eternity for Rookie Grandpas.

We had a major communication gap. Was he teething, having an upset stomach or simply missing his “Mommy?” I couldn’t tell and I am not well versed in “baby talk.”

It was a helpless feeling. Eventually, he threw up on me which I guess was pay back for not paying attention to his cues. Momma showed up and all was well again.

I think this is true with people we try to help in the world. It isn’t always easy to understand what the deeper needs are. We can try to solve all the surface issues and still miss out on what is really bugging them. In fact, they often don’t really know themselves.

Eventually, if we hang in there long enough and get down on their level, we can love them to the truth. They may “poop” or “puke” on us occasionally (yes, Sky also had a major blowout in his britches on my watch). It will probably get messy when all their stuff starts coming out.

It really is worth it! I hope my daughter trusts me again with the little guy! I also hope people I come into contact with will trust me enough to let me see the real person and begin to heal!

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  1. gene & jamie bruce

    hi my wife and i are members of north hills and we attended Sunday service October 6th and we were moved deeply by the song at the end of service and would like to know the name and how we could get a copy of the person singing it it helped us with our marriage can you please let us know thanks.

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