Keep the mo

There are several ways to put it:  eating humble pie, paying the piper and even eating crow. These phrases that have “eating” in them are very descriptive. And they relate directly to how I feel today.

After some bravado statements about my team’s “sure thing” win yesterday, I watched that prediction go down in flames. Due to a “wide left” kick after a very mistimed time out, my “boys” were defeated.

It is a much worse feeling when you watch it in person. It does take some sting out of the pain when the “home team” gets a much needed win. But, when you are loyal to a certain team (I have been a Cowboys fan for almost 40 years), nothing short of a victory will do.

It is strange how quickly “mo” can change. Of course, momentum is a fickle thing. It only takes one play to turn the tide. It can be a missed tackle or a penalty or a incredible catch or run and all of a sudden, one team can pull out an unlikely win and the other team can blow it big time.

As I lick my wounds, it gives me time to reflect on other ways we can either gain or lose momentum. We have a tendency to allow little things to change to course of our day or our week.

One bright spot can change the course of our entire outlook. On the other hand, one sour note can cause us to lose heart.  It shouldn’t be that way but it often is.

I guess the key is to live life with a much more balanced approach. Momentum is gained as we keep our eyes on the true prize. We should resist the desire to ride the wave of emotion.

Instead, we need to maintain a passionate devotion to God. If we do, we won’t allow the occasional setbacks to take us off course. We will stay focused. We will keep on fighting. We won’t give up.

On the other hand, we won’t get too bummed when we have to come down from  the big mountain top experiences. We celebrate those high moments but realize that every day has a lot of cool little bitty moments.

“Mo” can be maintained as long as we take it one step at a time remembering to celebrate even the small gains while not letting the defeats to keep us down.

For my team, there is next Sunday. For me, there is something good waiting right around the next curve!  I just have to keep moving forward!

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