Christmas Conspiracy

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go.”  At least that is what the song says. And you know it’s true. Especially if Christmas is seen in lights and decorations and people converging on the mall!

It is also beginning to feel a bit crazy everywhere you go. I did the dreaded “S” on Saturday with my wife. I vowed I wouldn’t do it but I did it nonetheless. That’s right! I went shopping!!!

At least we limited ourselves to one store. But still, halfway through the experience I started to get the shakes. I knew I was limited in how long I could survive. Sweat started beading across my forehead and my heart started to race and I had a serious urge to upchuck. (No offense to all the “Chucks” out there in my life.)

I don’t know why but the older I get the more shopping at Christmas seems almost offensive. I am trying to get a handle on it. Maybe part of the reason is that it lacks joy.

I mean, I would rather sit in my chair and imagine a gift I want to give to someone and have it appear right before my eyes just as I dreamed it. And each gift would cost less than $10 and be the most special gift to the person receiving it. Is that too much to ask?

If I was talented enough and had enough time, I would sit down and make something for everyone out of a piece of wood or metal. Or, I would write an incredible sonnet or paint an incredible art piece.

Unfortunately no such lingering gifts. I am left to try to dream up something in my head and then search the shelves or loiter in some random online stores trying to find a match.

Not easy since I am easily distracted. By the way, I would highly recommend going to see the Nut Cracker. Great music and dancing. I might actually like the ballet. Go figure! Now, where was I? Oh yeah, shopping.

I think another reason I dread it is that it feels like a trap. I spend money I don’t have for stuff the person will discard eventually. But, if I push myself beyond just buying the newest video game or another sweater, and try to get creative, it takes so much time and effort!  The proverbial rock and a hard place dilemma.

I guess I have to make a choice. Will I give into the desire to “just get it done” and settle for whatever? Or, will I take the time to get something unique that fits the person and builds a memory? Door A sure is tempting!

And while I am at it, why not spend less this Christmas on people in my life and give the gift that changes lives, like for instance clean water? Living Water International is a great place to filter some of that dough and become a world changer!

It all sounds a bit “conspiracy like” to me. I mean talk about going against the flow! Is it even legal? Building memories and saving lives! It seems messed up to me!

Well, I guess I am stuck. I have the bug. I got to see what can happen on the other road no matter how less traveled it is. Here goes nothing! (Or maybe an incredible “something.”)

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