Where are you looking?

I have been reflecting this week on the idea of peace. I mean the angels proclaimed “peace on earth.” Sounds crazy really when you consider the reality of our lives.

We live in a world that you just have to check out the 6 o’clock news to hear about the latest conflict, a recent battle, somewhere in the world. People kill each other, parents abuse kids, marriages breakup, angry voices are heard everywhere.

Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of peace to me. I know the correct answer is that peace is not the absence of conflict, that peace is something that we experience through our life with Christ.

But, it is something that is so elusive in practical every day living. There is pressure on every front. We face so much turmoil. What is the key to finding peace in a world of crud?

I think an illustration from nature may help. Consider the hurricane. It is a whirling wind of destructive force. The wind can get to 130 miles an hour or more. Anything in the path of the hurricane is toast.

But, in the eye of the hurricane there is total calm. No wind and if the hurricane is raging during the day, sunshine! It really doesn’t make sense but it is true. Planes have traveled into the eye of the hurricane and have discovered this calmness.

I think that gives us some clues as to how we can have real peace. It can only occur when we have our eyes pointed in not out. When we look outwardly, all we will see is darkness. But inward is where the light exists.

Now all that sounds rather poetic but what does it mean in every day language. It doesn’t mean ignoring the reality of life by the way or turning away from the pressure.

It means we have to constantly feed our inner self with the goodness of God. We have to remind ourselves how God views us.He says we have good hearts. Cultivating our inside world can help us face the outside world.

We don’t have to be afraid as long as we keep looking in first!

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