Holiday Hangover

We arrived home from a good time away with our family over the Christmas/New Year’s break. ┬áSo, naturally, it was time to take down all of the Christmas decorations yesterday.

It is one of the worse jobs at our house ranking right up there in my mind with cleaning toilets and pulling weeds. Actually, it might be more tough since it feels so opposite of its twin brother, putting all the decorations out.

The action of putting them out is filled with all the anticipation of the season. There is excitement about the coming festivities. There is the fun time with family that we are planning.

There is the magic in the air. There are the memories of Christmases past as we look at each ornament, hang up the lights, and listen to the music.

But, afterwards, there is this sense of loss, this leftover feeling of blah-ness. Students are dreading going back to school and employees are dreading going back to the work and the rest of us are getting used to writing 2012.

Why did it go so quickly? How do we move forward to the next thing, to a new year?How do we get geared up for what is coming just around the corner. After all, it is 358 days till Christmas rolls around again?

Even getting back to writing this blog after two weeks off is challenging. I want to share my heart but there is this resistance that makes me want to stay in neutral. The holidays are over and it leaves me with a headache!

So, how does it work? The key I believe is to go back to the basics. Every day is an adventure! There is something new that God wants to do in us and through us right now.

We shouldn’t even try to live from big event to big event. We need to live more even keeled. We are designed to live in the moment not in holiday mode.

Don’t get me wrong. Holidays are great! But, the best way to live abundantly is by taking it all in stride. And the best way to avoid a hangover!

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