The team

I get up early on Tuesday mornings to go over to our church gym for something a little different than the rest of my week routine. I play a little B-ball at 5:30 a.m.

At my age, getting up and down the court is something pretty cool in and of itself. There is something pretty great about being with a group of guys my age having fun with a round ball and a hoop ten foot off the ground.

I grew up playing the game outside with friends on the blacktop. Nothing fancy but it was a bunch of fun. I have to admit that I was never that good but that didn’t disuade me from trying.

I am not sure what the appeal is to me about sports like basketball. Maybe its the competition, trying to “beat” the other guy. Or, maybe it’s just the simple pleasure of seeing the ball go through the goal.

But, I think it is also the idea of teamwork. I enjoy working together with others trying to achieve the victory. Don’t get me wrong. I am very competitive and enjoy sports like golf which involves individual effort.

But, I really do dig being part of a team. In fact, I get as much pleasure making a good pass to a teammate as I do being the one to score the shot… well, almost.

That isn’t just true of sports, that is true in terms of the team I work with at our church. I have this incredible group of people that I get to work with toward an incredible mission, helping people find freedom!

This goal often leaves me as exhausted as basketball but it is obviously more fulfilling. Seeing people’s lives changed and our community transformed is pretty awesome!

Add to that great leaders who I get to join on the journey and well… it is totally sweet! Great fun!

I guess that is enough for now. Even though I can still play the game, I have discovered it takes more out of me at my age. And I need to rest up. No telling what part I will need to play on the team tomorrow!

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