Pizza and car roofs

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as sweetheart day. So, I headed out to get my beautiful babe some flowers. Being a fiscally minded guy, I shot over to our local Sam’s.

I have to add that I feel their flowers are very pretty and the bouquets are large and full. The fact that they they also are cost effective doesn’t hurt.

Side note: Two of favorite places are Sam’s and Costco. I often call Sam’s more “blue collar” and Costco more “white collar.” Since we have cards to both, obviously we can’t figure out which we are. A clue might be that I buy more items at Sam’s..

Back to my story. So, I grabbed the flowers and a vase to put them in, headed out through the warehouse pay lines and decided to grab something to eat before going to a lunch meeting.

Sam’s sells pizza by the slice, again at a very reasonable price. Are you catching the theme here? I wouldn’t call myself cheap, just being financially responsible. OK, so I am cheap…

Grabbed the pizza and the flowers and headed to the parking lot. Too many things in my hands to unlock and open the door so did the logical thing. I put the pizza that had been put on a thin paper plate on the top of the car.

Put the flowers and pot in the car, got in the car and drove toward the office. It wasn’t until I was almost out of the parking lot that I realized that my pizza was missing.

I realized what had happened and began to laugh out loud. The laughter increased when I had managed to turn around soon enough to watch a huge truck roll right over my pizza and plate. Road kill pizza!

I picked up the pizza and for a split second considered eating it. After all, the ten second rule might apply. But, my mind clicked into gear as I saw the tire tread on the pizza. Black top and pizza and rubber and grime don’t really sound too appetizing.

I decided that maybe this was the day to “fast” and not eat lunch. But, when I entered the meeting, our office manager had made some delicious cupcakes and I didn’t want to offend her by not partaking.

So, I ended my short “fast” and scarfed down two cupcakes and a carrot. The carrot was given to me by another staff member. I figured it made my “meal” a bit more healthy.

Back to the pizza. What did I learn from this experience. Several things. Life is too short first of all to cry over spilled milk or run over pizza. Might as well laugh at the small setbacks even when they inconvenience us.

Secondly, I might have a few too many things on my mind. Maybe leaving pizza on the roof of my car is a sign that I need to slow down and not try to do too many things at one time. May have to look at giving myself more space in the day.

Finally, I need to make ┬ásure things are in their proper place. Pizza does not belong on the roof of my car. In fact, there are a whole lot of things that don’t belong on my roof (I once lost a Bible that way).

I need to remember to put things and even people where they belong. I don’t want to be careless with them, especially when it comes to my relationships. Folks are too important to leave on the roof! Better keep them safe inside my life.

I am uncertain if any of this makes sense but it really did teach me important lessons. For instance, next time, I will go through a drive through!

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