A leap of faith

Yesterday was Leap Day. February 29 only occurs once every four years. We are used to 365 days in a year, so it is pretty special to have 366 days in 2012.

In point of fact, the earth turns roughly 365 and a quarter times on its axis by the time it has completed a full year’s orbit around the sun, which means that periodically the calendar has to catch up, thus the convention of leap years.

So where does the idea of “leap” come in? In a normal sequence of years, a calendar date that falls on, say, a Monday one year will fall on Tuesday the next, Wednesday the year after that, Thursday the year after that, and so on.

But every fourth year, thanks to the extra day in February, we “leap” over the expected day of the week.

So what happens on this special day every four years? What for instance do babies do who are born on leap day. They are often called “leaplings” or “leapers” by the way.

Do they only celebrate every four years or choose the previous day?  Or, do they simply feel a quarter younger than everyone else their age?  And what about those who get married on leap day?  Do they have big anniversary days every fourth year?

One tradition going back at least four centuries suggests that leap day was the one day a woman could ask men to marry them and the man could only refuse by giving the woman some kind of gift, usually a silk dress or something like that.

So, how did you spend leap day? For many of us it is probably just an ordinary day. But, for those who were born or married on February 29, it has to feel pretty cool that you finally can officially celebrate.

And some of you women might have felt like you missed a golden opportunity to ask some dude to marry you. Which gets me to thinking about how we leap over days without taking full advantage of them.

Is it possible that we fail to see the specialness of days and wait for holidays or birthdays or anniversaries or even leap days to make it something really special? We may be leaping over days and not really seeing what God has for us.

Tomorrow is a new day! It isn’t leap day but it really can be special if you want it to be! Take a leap of faith and embrace everything God has for you!

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