Fishing trip

It has been awhile since I have written my blog. I was busy all last week being dad and grandpa to our kids visiting from Chicago. Hopefully, it is like riding a bike.

One of the things we did while they were here was to go fishing. I say that generously since I am not sure it can legitimately be called “fishing” if you aren’t catching fish.

In fact, we really never got any real bites. Unless of course. you consider getting snagged on rocks and lake brush, “bites.”  We did successfully lose a few hooks and rubber worms.

But, I wouldn’t call the day a waste. In fact, we all loved it. The boat on Lake Pleasant drifted through a beautiful Phoenix morning giving us some wonderful opportunities to simply revel in God’s creation!

We also had some fun moments such as finding the floating latrine (restroom) and trying to do our “business” on this rocking platform. We also had some “cool” moments putting our hands in the water in order to dislodge a line.

Basically, life is pretty much like this fishing trip. We can spend a ton of time trying to “catch the big one” without much success. We are hoping that we will have that big “wow” experience and it rarely comes.

In those times, we can forget that simply throwing our line in the water and enjoying the ride is pretty awesome in itself. We might be so focused on the “catch” that we forget how to enjoy the journey.

I’m not saying that I want every fishing trip to end without a fish. But, I am trying to remember that riding in the boat is pretty sweet!

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