The other day my brother who was visiting with us tried to unsuccessfully close our garage door. In his attempt to close the door, it appeared that the chain mechanism fell off of the door.

So, he simply pushed the garage door opener again. The bar that had been attached to the door had fallen off and when the door opener was pushed it, well… that was not good news. The bar bowed the garage door.

Here is the part that was very weird. When John told me what happened, I was totally calm. I didn’t react negatively even after I heard from the repairman what it was going to cost.

Maybe, it was because my bro felt so bad that I just wanted to make him feel better. Maybe it was because it was really not his fault or anybody’s fault for that matter. But regardless, it was totally different from the way I have reacted at other times.

Other times, I would have been upset and would have been totally frustrated my the situations. At other times, my wife or someone else would have paid the price or I would have at least yelled at the wall.

The cost was not something easy to swallow. But, this time I was proud of how I reacted. The problem was that I also realized how many times I had not responded the way I wanted.

I wish I would always do it the right way. I wish I always kept things in perspective. I wish I kept positive in my attitude no matter what “crappola” came my way.  I wish I would treat people with mercy and grace in every situation even when that situation stinks.

I have a lot to learn but thankfully I have a good example to reference in the future.

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