Remove the tag

I bought some jeans the other day from a Sears store in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was there visiting my daughter before heading up to Michigan to visit my dad and take in a Tiger’s game.  Detroit Tigers baseball, for those who are wondering.

So, I was looking at those same jeans this morning when I recognized something strange. The department store folks had forgotten to take off the security tab.

I am uncertain how I even got out of store with the security mechanism still in place. Regardless, I didn’t find out for a couple of days what had happened.  So, it seems like a simple thing, right, to simply have it removed.

Wrong! Clearly on the outside of the tab is the warning: ” Tampering will break glass and cause ink to leak out. Please see sales associate for removal.”

Apparently, I will not be able to remove the tab myself. Unless of course, I want to deal with ruined jeans.  So, I have to make my way back to the store in a Sears store and explain what had happened.  Inconvenient but doable.

When I looked at the tab, I somehow felt like I had done something wrong. I clearly paid for the jeans and have the receipt to prove it.

And yet, that warning made me somehow feel dirty. In fact, as I go back into the store to find a sales associate, I might still feel some kind of wrongness, even though I am innocent.

Do you ever feel like that in life? Do you ever feel like you have some kind of warning on your forehead that indicates a possible “leakage?” Do you ever feel marred by what happened “back there?” It is almost like you were forgiven but there is a leftover stain.

There is such a thing as real guilt. That happens when we do something wrong, when we go our way versus God’s way. But, when we are forgiven, the past stuff is supposed to removed, like an old tag.

The problem is that we can still feel “tagged.” Sin can leave its mark on us and even when innocent, we feel guilty.  We can allow false guilt to hang on to us.

The only way to fix it all is to go back to the source, to find the one true “sales associate” of life. God is the one who lifted the penalty of sin. He is also the one who can lift the “leftover” tag.

We can’t do it ourselves since it will only leave an ugly mess.He wants to get rid of the old clothes and give us something brand new to wear! So, what are we waiting for?

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