Surprised by God

Sometimes it happens. You aren’t expecting it and it just happens. It is called a surprise. And, it happens in life when of course we least expect it.

It can sometimes be a bad surprise like when you discover a flat tire when you go out to your car in the morning. Or, it can be a good surprise like when your ball somehow makes it on the green when it should have landed in the water.

I generally like surprises. It gives like that extra spark. It goes with my personality I guess. I am known for being a planner but my real joy is in spontaneity.

I love it when a plan actually comes together and converges in a unique spontaneous way that was hoped for but not expected.  The essence of a surprise.

It happened yesterday. We had planned for a closing time which included people writing on small strips of cloth the thing that keeps them from fully embracing life; the thing that keeps “death” hanging around.

We were tagging off the story of Lazarus being brought from the tomb by Jesus after four days dead. He came out all “mummy like” with strips of messy, smelly cloth clinging to him.

He asked the community to take off the strips. Lazarus had to walk out of death to life and the community helped take off the old remnants that still tried to hang onto him.

I encouraged folks to write down anything that might hold them back still. Things like failure (mine), past stuff, un-forgiveness, broken relationships, anger, fear, addictions, and more. I shared with them that it is old baggage and needs to be discarded.

They were encouraged to write the stuff down and then take it to some leaders who would nail them to the cross. I expected a response and even planned on one. But, God surprised me. Check out the results below and you get what I mean.

God does this kind of thing all the time. We plan things and then He comes along and says, “I can do better than that.” Wow, God! A picture really is worth a thousand words!

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